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Impact Swim is Dedicated
to Teaching Individuals to Swim Confidently and Safely

Intermediate Levels

This class is designed for 6 -12 year old with beginner skills.  Swimmers are introduced to freestyle, backstroke  and floating along with water exploration and submersion. All 3 levels progress the student stroke development, while teaching the importance of safety for themselves and others. 

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Beginner Levels 


This class is designed for 3-5 year old students who are ready for swim instruction without a parent in the water.  Instructors start by teaching basic water adjustment skills plus basic swimming skills. As the student advances through all three levels, they are introduced to underwater breathing and stroke development.

Swimming Victory

Advance Levels 

Student are given instruction in all the basic swim strokes for advance stroke mechanics.   Children who wish to be on the swim team but also need instruction to reach the level where they can compete should consider taking this class.

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Swim Information

Group Lessons - All group lessons are 30 minutes in length

Beginner & Intermediate Lessons  
(4 to 1 Student to Instructor Ratio)

Advance Lessons: (6 to 1 Ratio Student to Instructor Ratio)

Semi- Private (2 to 1 Student  to Instructor Ratio)

Private Lessons  (1 to 1 Student to Instructor Ratio)

Our Learn to Swim Programs Offer:


Swim instruction for all ages and swim levels. Each program is arranged based on age group Learn to Swim Program. The classes within each program are subdivided according to swim levels. Swim instruction combines water adjustment skills, individual and combined swim skills.



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